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Welcome to EbeltoftNet

Welcome to Ebeltoft in Denmark. This is the Website for the private association "EBELTOFT@NET".

You are visiting the old town of Ebeltoft in Denmark situated on the eastern coast of Jutland not far from the City of Aarhus. We have almost 10.000 inhabitants and a very beautiful countryside.

You will also find advertisements for a number of companies, artisans, builders and hotels etc. 

If your need any further information, please contact us in either English or German at the following e-mail address: info@ebeltoftnet.dk

Below, we have listed various local websites including information in English and other languages.

Tourist Office:

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft: www.glasmuseet.dk
Fregatten Jylland: www.fregatten-jylland.dk

Zoo & Safari:
Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari: www.reepark.dk

Golf course:

Ebeltoft Strand: www.ebeltoftstrand.dk
Ebeltoft Parkhotel: www.ebeltoftparkhotel.dk
Motel Ebeltoft: www.motelebeltoft.dk 

Youth hostel:
Danhostel Ebeltoft: www.ebeltoft-danhostel.dk 

Interior Textiles: Kvadrat: www.kvadrat.dk

Photos from Ebeltoft and surrounding countryside


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